Welcome to Yeet a Friend! 👋
👍 Use code 'VERYCOOL5KPET'! LIKE the game for more codes - FREE PET at 25,000 likes!

for St. Patrick Event, we've also decided to add 2x luck. Enjoy!

🛠️ UPDATE 5!
+ Rockets - FIND IN WORLD 1!
+ Leaderboard Tags
+ Two new codes: ExtraLucky, Rocket
+ Sound Fixes
+ Bug Fixes

⭐ Current Premium Benefits⭐
 +25% Energy Gain
 +10 WalkSpeed

😄 Carry a friend
👿 Yeet them across the map as far as you can!
🐶 Collect pets, stars, and rebirth to throw your friends further

Tags: Race, Colors, Yeet, Throw, Friends, Fun, Speed, Fast, Collect, Pets, Ragdoll, Rainbow, Colorful, Rebirth, Energy, Stars, Racing, Trading


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