Welcome to Buggin' Out! - the OFFICIAL Roblox game by Aardman, based on the TV show Lloyd of the Flies. SHRINK DOWN to fly size and meet Lloyd, a fly who lives in an apple with his parents, sister and 224 maggots! - Explore Lloyd's world through a fly's eyes! - Help Lloyd find his missing MAGGOT siblings and earn CRUMBS. - Visit the shop for UPGRADES, HATS and insect EFFECTS. - Find the giant blackberry in the fridge OBBY. - New maggots to find every day! Hit the follow button to keep up with updates! FAQ - New maggots escape every 24 hours. - One blackberry is available every 24 hours. - Get around easier by upgrading your wings to unlock double and triple jumps. - Upgrade bag to carry more maggots at a time.


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