Have you ever wondered the limits of the sky, the limits of everything? Now, you can try this by simply clicking on one of the three GUIs--to teleport to millions or billions of studs away!
1. Experience the Effect: 1,000,000 studs high--Click on this GUI and be teleported 1,000,000 studs up from the baseplate. Something happens...
2. Loopkill: 1,000,000 studs under--Click on this GUI if you plan to get more wipeouts in your profile.
3. Return to Baseplate--Eew. Does not relate to this game, but very important. Teleport back to the baseplate if you wish to end your journey.
4. Out of the World--OMG. Are you serious!? Maybe you should try it. It is something you don't expect...

By the way, if you happen to be on the same team after clicking the GUI, it is because your body parts touched the spawn again. I suggest you click it a few more times.


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