-Private Servers are free and are recommended!
CURRENT ENDGAME: e10300 Leaves and 88 Achievements ⚙️

-Welcome to The Upgrade Tree Of Life. Buy upgrades to get leaves. Reset and buy more upgrades for even more leaves 🌲
-This is an incremental game where numbers go up very high! ⏫

-This game relies on cooperation. Without strong teamwork, your friends can sabotage what you are doing 🤝
 -This game is fictional and only for fun (not for educational purposes).
 -This game is in early development so expect many bugs and data losses.
This game features:
 -358 upgrades🔼
 -Tons of buildings and features🔥
 -15 Stats (5 Main)🔥
 -4 Prestige Layers ♻️
 -90 Achievements🏆
 and MORE❗

-Idea: TUUT:T by Gui_Ducks; Antimatter Dimensions
-Building inspiration: GCI by LethalDolphin
-Library: EternityNum by FoundForces
-Mostly everything was made by me (@thien1317)
Extra credits in the game


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