👽 Welcome to Cosmic Storm! Become an apoplectic warrior and explore a large city, partaking in a multiplicity of quests and unlocking new alien lifeforms, while increasing your strength in this ever-expanding sci-fi experience.

❗ Disclaimer: You may notice some systems, unlockable lifeforms, etc may be broken as a result of this update. Please do NOT take this as any type of finished or polished update.

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⚠️ Please do not exploit, exploiting will result in a permanent ban from the game with no appeal.

--PC Controls--
F - Prime Watch
Z & X - Browse Playlist
C - Transform/Detransform
M - Menu

--Xbox Controls--
Y - Prime Watch
Dpad left & Dpad right - Browse aliens
B - Transform/Detransform
Dpad Up - Menu


There are currently no running experiences.