🏕️ Welcome to Cabin Tycoon!

🚗 The vehicle update has been released! We've got a wide range of vehicles to choose from to explore the expanding map! From normal economy cars to super-fast luxury vehicles, you can get them all in the vehicle shop! Full update log can be found below! 🚗

📖 Update Log:

🌲 Work to create your own cabin in the wilderness! Spend time roleplaying with friends in your luxurious cabins, visit landmarks in the map and watch out for the wild animals that you may come across! 

❗ Make sure to join the group to get a $5,000 boost in cash! ❗ 

🏆 Press the follow button to find out about new updates! If you’re on a phone or tablet, tap •••, then press follow! 

👍 Make sure to like the game to support future updates! 

💾 Tycoon progress saves for you to resume back

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