⚡Oh No! The entire anime universe has been swallowed into another world. The only way to bring balance back to the anime multiverse is to assemble your team of the strongest heroes and defeat the enemies of each world!⚡

🕒Do you have what it takes?🕒


⚡ New units will appear in the summon portal every hour, try collect them all and build your own unique squad! Evolve units to fight even stronger enemies in a tower defense style! ⚡ 

📢Use Code "ShanksTmrw!" for 900 credits! 

🎉Join our communications server ( .gg/ftd ) if you notice any bugs and wish to report them to the development team so that we can further the progress of the game. 

🔨The game is undergoing a REVAMP! So expect slight & minor bugs.

🔔 Join this group to use codes & rewards!:!/about

📝Tags: RPG, Tower Defense, Anime, Dungeons, Tower Defense.


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