Bloxville V6 has been fixed!

Welcome to the Life at the Bloxville Correctional Center V6 Beta! Control your experience at the City of Bloxville! Explore different options such as serving prison time, guarding the prison inmates, or exploring the city! Listen to your favorite music singers at the city amphitheater or simply patrol the city for dangerous criminals! The opportunities are endless.

Regarding game passes: this is a separate and unaffiliated game from Bloxville V5. Bloxville V5 is still going to be supported by me, and new features are going to be introduced at both games. Bloxville V5 will remain open and will as always receive updates. Bloxville V6 is a different game, with a different city, UI, and prison, and was designed from scratch with countless hours of work.


There are currently no running experiences.