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Wanna play a classic Tower Defense Experience but with more features? This is the game for you, choose a hero and a maximum of 5 towers and try to stop the Zombies from conquering the world. Play different maps and modes, fight different bosses to challenge yourself and obtain rewards from doing all of that.

This game takes inspiration from TDS and Bloons td 6

-Follow the game to get notified for updates
-Invite a friend as it is better to not play alone

-New Hero 💢
-New Maps 🌵📟☁
-Reworks 🧤
-Lots of balance changes 📊

For more information about update join the disk server in the group

Use codes🎁: Billy, 50k visits

Tags: Tower Defense, TD, Zombie, Zombie Invasion, ZITD, Invasion, Tower, Defense, Game, Roblox, Cool, Emotes, Skins, ZITD, Bosses, Badges, Nuclear


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