🎅 Santa is performing his first Concert on Roblox!!

👍 Don't forget to LIKE the game to show your support!

Every 30 minutes you can enjoy the Christmas Parade and get as many candies as possible... Santa concert starts after the parade!!

Pinypon & Trotties have join us to support this game!

🔥 Use the code 'like100' and LIKE the game for a free in-game boost!
👍 NEW CODE releases once the game gets 500 LIKES!

☃️ Welcome to Candy Vacuum Simulator! On this simulator you can click to improve your speed and farm faster! Buy better vacuums to get more speed bonus, click bonus and vacuum range

🏆 Enter the leaderboards to be praised on the hourly parade!
💰 Get candies and upgrade your vacuum
🖲️ Click to charge you vacuum and get speed and range bonus.

A game by Brand New Verse


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