A remastered version of the original Undertale Multiverse Madness! An RPG game where you travel through the Undertale and Deltarune Multiverse fighting whoever stands in your way.

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⚔ Fight bosses from UNDERTALE such as Sans and Papyrus as well as other Alternate Universes
🛡 Create a party with up to 4 people and defeat bosses
🤖  Embark on loads of different quests with your favorite undertale characters

Other Controls:
E,R / B,Y = Weapon Abilities
Q/X = Soul Abilities

It is recommended to use Low Graphics Mode in the game settings if you're playing on mobile.

This game uses a heavily modified Undertale Monster Mania kit with dozens of new features, additions, and fixes. UTMM Kit by Nikolander and A_RandomDoggo

Johnbon42: Models, Bosses, Attacks, effects, and animations
PixelEqualsNil: Backend Scripting, GUI, and Others


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