✨ Welcome to Color Escape! (New name!) ✨

UPDATE 8.1 (Bug fix):
- Fixed teleport outside bug
- Fixed double round bug
- Fixed blue tiles not being collectable
- Removed back items (to show only pets on back)
- Disabled emotes (was used to cheat)

❄️ Update 8 (Winter)! ❄️
- Win Streaks are BACK!
- New Pet TVs around the map showcasing your pets!
- 4 NEW levels!
- Fixed max level pet xp bar UI!

Color Escape is a fast-paced parkour minigame, where a player's objective is to collaboratively beat levels and score as many points as possible! Use those points on modifiers AND cosmetics in the shop.

🔴 Dodge Red Tiles
🍀 Stay Safe on Green Tiles
🔵 Collect Blue Tiles


There are currently no running experiences.