✨45k Razzle-Dazzle confetti goal is up next!✨

Snowy targets are waiting but expect a ❄️frosty reception❄️ as you tackle this new field!

Use codes:

👍 Like the game to unlock exclusive items!!!

🏈 Grab up your Football and get ready to tackle 7 fantastical fields with increasing difficulty as you progress!

🌟 Build your dream Football squad and collect teammate player cards to bolster your offense, turn duplicates into more powerful cards!

🌎 Journey across Mexico, Germany, the UK, and other wild biomes like a Dairy Farm and the Moon!

🛍 Grab up sweet-themed merch from the store, and be sure to collect all the badges to unlock FREE goodies!

10K: Free UGC Fluffy Football Helmet
15K: Moon Football 
25K: Mexico Football
30K: EPIC card
35K: Free UGC Milk Carton Crossbody Bag
40k: Free GOLDEN football
45k: Razzle-Dazzle Confetti trail


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