Ragdoll Simulator 2 is out!

Get flung in the air, bounced around in a blender, or shot out of a cannon!

In Ragdoll Simulator, your main objective is to get the most amount of deaths, while having fun in progress! 
Unlike other ragdoll-related games, you can still move and interact with objects while in ragdoll mode!

If you're an admin, use the prefix "/" before using commands. /cmds will give you a list of them.

(receive virtual item)

Official Guidelines:
-Buttons at the top of your screen
  *Ragdoll - Go into floppy mode!
  *Refresh - Get out of ragdoll mode, to move around normally.
  *Spawn - Teleport to the spawn, in case you get stuck anywhere.
-press "R" on your keyboard to get out of ragdoll

Private Servers

Play this game with friends and other people you invite.
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