Welcome to the Alphabet Lore Race! 🔠 Reach the finish line under 2 minutes to earn wins! 🏎 

💡 How To Play: 
- Click to go Faster ⚡ 
- Escape Monsters 
- More wins give more speed and Better pets give more speed 🏆
- Reach the end and Earn Wins 🎌 
- Get in the top of the Leaderboards 🌐 

- RACE 9 Is Finally Here 
- A New Beautiful Easter Race
- New Easter Themed Pets
- New F Monster
- New Eggs 
- New Passes / Unique Pets
- Bug Fixes / Ui Fixes! Use code 

Use code "Alphabet" for 25 Wins 👑 
Use code "TRADING" for 250 Wins 👑 
Use code "TRAILS" for 50 WINS 👑 
Use code "10Million" for 1000 WINS 👑 
Use code "RACE6" for 500 WINS 👑 
Use code "Lore" for 200 WINS 👑 
Use code "ABC" for 50 WINS 👑 

TussyPlays - Thumbnail

Race 10 Coming soon....😱❤️ 

⭐️Favorite and Like the game to be notified on UPDATES👍🏼. 

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