This is now a legacy game. The 5th Annual Bloxy Awards is over! This game will remain open for visitors.

Original description:
This will be our biggest awards ceremony yet, with dozens of nominees competing across 38 categories. In preparation for the event, we’re also unveiling our biggest, most extravagant theater in the history of the Bloxys! 

A big thank you to Nocturne Entertainment for creating this magnificent build. The 5th Annual Bloxy Awards theater will fit an audience of over 5,000 Robloxians… and you could be one of them! That’s right–today we’re opening the theater tickets to the public!

If you buy a ticket, your avatar will make a LIVE appearance in the audience during the awards ceremony! There will be several seating levels available for purchase. You do not need to buy a ticket to watch the Bloxy Awards, which will be streaming on Twitch and YouTube.

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