10 NEW EMOTES! You can find them in the shop, however, those new emotes will be available in the shop in the coming weeks!

🌴Welcome to Avatar Island, an outfit donation game where you can make your DREAM AVATAR and get PAID to show yours off! Reach goals and make your way to becoming rich on this tropical island of dreams!

💸Donations are performed through gamepasses and clothing. Due to Roblox taxes, your funds may be reduced and may take up to a week to arrive.

✅All assets bought through the Avatar Editor will be available in your Roblox inventory and can be worn in all games.

💰Dobux is earned by donating, raising, or simply playing, and is used to customize and create outfits through the in-game editor.

💖If you enjoy the game, please leave a  👍 and ⭐ to support us! Feel free to donate in the Store tab if you’re feeling generous. We tremendously appreciate our supporters!!

Game Design, UI, Scripts: @reppens
Map & Models: @xystens


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