Help save Christmas and discover all of the secret endings in the North Pole Christmas Friends Story! 🎄

⭐ Like the Game to Unlock Exclusive Rewards ⭐

🎅 The Christmas Friends are Trying to Destroy Christmas!
⌛ You Only Have Hours Left to Save the Holidays!
🎁 Disguise as Props to Avoid the Christmas Friends!
🍪 Earn Cookies to Unlock New Props and Save Christmas! 

💡 How to Play 💡
🎁 Collect Items and Return Them to Santa's Sleigh!
🍬 Hide as a Prop to Avoid the Christmas Friends!
🎄 Survive All of the Rounds and Help Save Christmas!

Tags: Christmas, North Pole, Friends, Holiday, Fun, Trading, Prop Hunt, Prop, Santa, Frosty, Snowman, Reindeer, Xmas, North Pole Friends, Story, North Pole Story


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