New map Interstellar Sprint has arrived! Use code !INTERSTELLARSPRINT!

18K - Player particles
20k - Unlock Zombie map

DING! DING! DING! Welcome to DAVE & BUSTER’S WORLD! Jump into exciting minigame adventures to compete for loot, bragging rights, and have tons of fun, with more to come!

Check the Arcade, grab a snack and use it whenever you need a boost! Collect hidden boosts or grab them from the concession, and keep an eye out for fun secrets!

Arcade Run - Click ready and compete with your friends in obby's based on arcade favorites Gridiron Blitz and Full Tilt

SuperBall Dash - Race against your friends to see who finishes first! Go big on the ramps to hit the rings!

Zombie Survival - Team up to take down zombies and survive with your squad!

Exchange winning tickets for in-game rewards in the Winner’s Circle! Keep track of your status on your handy dandy ticket buddy! Celebrate your victory with post-game leaderboards!


There are currently no running experiences.