➥ This game contains flashing lights, loud noises and lots of jumpscares!


➥The original Five Nights at Freddy's DOOM was created by Skornedemon, and he went on to make FNaF Free Roam games using DOOM! And so... I decided to bring this wonderful game to Roblox! With easy access and many new things  but without losing the essence of the original!

FNAF DOOM 1: REMAKE is based on the idea that players will work in a Pizzeria haunted by Animatronics, who usually cheer up children during the day, possessed! The player can freely explore the pizzeria, but you will have to be careful with what you will find ahead...
The game supports , PC and Mobile And Xbox. Contains 7 nights and 2 modes (Solo and Multiplayer) plus hidden things throughout this game that the player will have to find on their own...

➥job selector fixed


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