This is not a generic Hide and Seek game, we offer exhilarating gameplay, a playful community and, most important of all, a completely free to play premium experience.

Hiders: dab on the Seeker and evade capture. Make clones of yourself and turn completely invisible!

Seekers: assert dominance over Hiders and eliminate them all. Use weapons, traps, psychosis, and X-Ray Vision!

We love that players like to express themselves freely so we have created many Weapons, Emotes and Taunts to create cool, funny and memorable moments to share with your friends!

We also know that it’s boring to just kill someone so we have come up with many satisfying Finishers to select from, such as The Kick, Petrification, Lightning and more!

Beware: In this game there's no time to hide, you can only run! 


There are currently no running experiences.