Welcome to my role play! There are lots of things to see and do here! Bring your friends and have fun!

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Home of Firearm2112. The Millinarian Empire, holds meetings here alot. I will be here alot. All Senate meetings will be held here until further notice. You can donate for M.E. ads by buying the game pass below.
Things to add:
-Dining Room [Completed]
-Statues of me [Completed]
-More dynamic lighting [Working on]
-Attendants in Dining room [Completed, needs more work]
-CUTSCENE! [Completed, a few more tweeks are needed]
-Security Cameras! We are watching you. 24/7, 365. :)

[NEWS] Server size reduced to 20 people max due to lag issues for some people. New GamePass gives players unique guns that you can only get with the 'Gun Pass'


There are currently no running experiences.