Chainsaw Man a manga by Fujimoto Tatsuki 


CODE: Yo70KContractResetCode

(Devil Heart's Have A 50,50 Chance To Spawn Every Hour) 

(Daily Quest Gives X2 Rewards and can only be done once per day) 
M = Skill Tree 
Q = Dash/Dodge 
F = Parry 
E = Interact With Npcs 
Z,X,C,V = Skills (If You Have It) 
T = Activate Hybrid/Fiend (If you Have It) 
Alt = Shift Lock
Shift = Run 
Abilities Are Activated By Pressing The Tools
(To use tools on XBOX Press Y the number of times, so hotbar 2 is 2 times) 

-------------How To Play?------------- 
You start of by doing the cleaning quest, After that you kill fiends & do quests as you level up you gain skill points which can be used to level & upgrade your skill tree! there's raids, hybrids like Chainsaw Man, katana man, and many other things after that! Goodluck 

This game is still in active development expect bugs/glitches. 

Private servers do not spawn hearts (Shutdown = Update)


There are currently no running experiences.