Update 12/20/17:
Spawning fixed. Boss fixed. Signs added. Shop added.
Update 12/21/17:
Fishing fixed. (More fish available to catch)
Update 12/22/17:
Fishing actually fixed.

Welcome to Mountaineers

What a great time of the year to be with friends and family…. Unless they’ve been kidnapped by Scrooge McBlox and taken to his mountain top mansion! It’s time to bring your family back for the holidays and in order to do that you must reach the very top of the mountain, battle Scrooge and rescue your family. Along the way you’ll meet locals who help you reach the top by giving you tools making the climb possible. 

Although it’s a frozen paradise, you’ll find the entire mountain is crawling, swimming and jumping with life. There are watering holes filled with fish and new bug species popping up all over the mountain that can be captured and sold to locals for silver. Use silver to expand your house, add custom furniture or buy your friends a treat from 


There are currently no running experiences.