Welcome to Astro Renaissance! The Astral Milky Way needs your help! Are you ready to start this brand new adventure?

⭐ Unlock new quests, explore new magical planets and discover their secrets!
⭐ Earn new accessories or unlock the secret crystals around the Astral Milky Way and earn mysterious scepters!
⭐ Collect moonstones by playing astral minigames at the Cosmic Adventure Arcade, completing different planets or collecting them around your journey!
⭐ Use your moonstones in the Astral Shop and unlock new exclusive items
⭐ Explore the Astral Milky Way and meet new friends, make sure to spend a great time in Astro Renaissance~

Game Icon & Thumbnails by @izzyxrts,  @Moaa_81 & @BongoLad
Badge icons by @MissLunaArts


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