Aftermath is an indev take on the permadeath roguelike genre with an emphasis on free will. Full credits ingame.

Chronologically takes place during the Delta Nexus. 

main developers: 
programming: bloopyhere, Vortei_l 

animation: edgylordeh, Meshbot, AmberTempest 

vfx: Vortei_l, bloopyhere, AmberTempest 

music: edgylordeh 

building: spoiledskin, Lanrellian, NoelleValkyrie, AmberTempest 

modelling: Charismatic_Killer, Seer16 

art, ui, assets: kruliian, WandCreator, Shoesanu, Honshura, Meshbot, SudoMesh 

special thanks + moral support: 
r3d_raz - animation contributions 
Bondfire26 - quality assurance 
soIerpy - concepts and ideas 
nyaxonoi - my favorite


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