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The Original, and still the best. I'm sick of all the imitation attempts (mostly by stealing this through glitches).  To the people arguing about copying and stuff:
Some glitch uncopylocked my place more than a year ago. People took my planes that I had built over many months. I was really mad. End of story. Stop talking about it, please. I don't want to mention the names of the copiers. If you got some stuff in this place without knowing it was copied, please delete it. If you want to send the people that decided to take my place (I told them I didn't approve at all) a message saying how much you dislike their actions, feel free to.
GUYS! I need you to tell your friends about this place. DON'T spam, though. This is in cocoawarrior's favorites....
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MASTERofLIFE has a fan shirt....

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