Please Note This Game Is Only In It's ALPHA Stages, Bugs and things of that nature are to be Expected. Thanks for the support!

Welcome to Hotel Avendale, a resting spot of endless floors. How far are you willing to go up in order to reach your room?

Loot each floor to find various tools ⚒️

Survive against unexpected guests 💀

Be cautious of your every step 👣

--[[ CONTROLS]]--
C to Crouch
R to Unhide when Hidden
F to Control Mouse in 1st Person (toggle)

A game heavily inspired by Doors, with similar aspects but with new twists
>This game is new and we appreciate and listen to feedback and ideas for the game within our listed medias. We are looking for new members in the community if you are interested also.
(You may have to play solo if there aren't enough players)

Leave a like and your suggestions and thanks for giving this experience a try. 👍

Join with our link below if you'd like to give suggestions or any of the sort, thanks again. We look forward to your feedback.


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