This is a first look at the Ge-AR Framework!

⚠️ Primarily built for iPhone and Android devices from reputable brands, Android devices from lesser known brands may still work but we make no promises! Ge-AR is also meant for phones but should also work on tablets & iPads. Your device needs to have an accelerometer and gyroscope (most modern devices do).

If your device does not have a gyroscope WE CANNOT HELP YOU, that is a physical device limitation which we have no control of.

If you encounter any tracking issues please let us know on our group wall!

This game does not use your camera since that is currently impossible, instead it uses a 3d model of a room to simulate augmenting into the real world. If Roblox is reading this, adding a camera API would be very helpful towards bringing AR to the platform.

⚒️ Ge-AR Framework Developed by CoiyoFish


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