🦴 Broken Bones 5 🦴 
Currently over 50 stages over 8 distinct biomes, spanning TEN square miles, utilizing streaming to enable a smooth experience for users on lower performing devices.

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⌛ Use Code 'LIKE45K' for a bundle of free items!
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How to Play:
🦴 Break Bones 🦴
💵 Collect Cash 💵
🛒 Buy Upgrades, Utilities, and Stages 🛒
💯 Complete Quests 💯
🎁 Earn Rewards 🎁

✨ Premium Benefit: x2 Cash is awarded from all timed and daily gifts!

This game contains automatic macro detection (Autoclickers included) to blacklist suspected players from the Leaderboards. Hacking of any kind will result in an instant permanent ban.

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