Prop Hunt X Hide and Seek Prop Hunters Seek to Return Props to Their World, But Props Prefer the Simple Life Welcome to Hide and Seek with a Prop TWIST! 

🕵️ Seekers need to find Hiders who are props! 
✔️ Hiders become Seekers if they are found! 
❤️ Props get one chance to run away if they are found! 
🏆 Find all Hiders and get coins for amazing upgrades! 
🔊 Taunt Seekers with Funny Sounds! 
⏲ Beware The Prop Jump at 2 Minutes! 

Current Maps: 
❤️ Valentine's Day 
✏️ School 
🤑 Bank 
❄️ Snow Day 
🎅 Santa's Workshop 
🐶 Pet Store 
☂️ Bizarro 
🐠 Underwater 
🚂 Train 
🎁 Toy Store 
🎳 Bowling Alley 
🏖️ Beach Town
🦖 Museum 
🎬 Movie Studio 
👻 Haunted House 
🍭 Candy Land 
🤡 Carnival 
👜 Shopping Mall 

🔥 New Updates and Maps Weekly! 


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