💎 With your advanced machinery, mine and sell precious ores, build a massive mining facility, expand into never-before-seen areas, and become the Ultimate Ore Tycoon in the island.

🏝Version 3.2 "Into the Knowledge Oasis" is now out! Expand your research to the other end of Time. What lost relics will you rediscover this time?

🎒 The Bag Hunt is currently ongoing! Participate in the limited-time event and travel through different dimensions, solve puzzles, complete quests, and hunt over 30 bags!

🔥 The "The Bagpocalypse Beckons" Mystery Bag is now available! Open Mystery Bags during this event for a chance to obtain the xMythical "Axe of the Apocalypse", Mythicals "Rockstar Reckoning", "The Nightlight", "Helm of the Night Knight", and more!


There are currently no running experiences.