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🌸 Spring Event

Welcome to Pet Trading Card Simulator! a clicker game based on trading card games, buy coin booster packs, collect awesome pet cards, send them to the album, and gain rewards for having the biggest collection of Roblox! 

💬 Use code "LIKESS26" for an ultra-luck potion! 
👍 Next code will be announced at 30,000 Likes (we are almost there)

🖱️ Click on your screen to open Coin Packs 
🎴 Buy better Coin Packs to earn more coins per click 
🐾 Open Pet Booster Packs to equip pets and earn more 
🔁 Rebirth to get an ore pay multiplier 
💎 Use gems to make shiny pets 
✨ Grade your cards to earn more multiplier 

☑️ Roblox Premium members can equip 1 extra pet! 
🔔 Follow and favorite for weekly updates!


There are currently no running experiences.