-Make clans and join clans
-Clans each have their own private server
-Message players in your clan across servers
-Join other players across servers
-View players stats across servers
-Become the NUMBER ONE CLAN!
NOTE: I was not able to test this feature because this is a feature that requires a lot of people to test, so I have opened it up for beta testing to see how it works out. Please notify me of bugs.

YouTube Simulator Z is the THIRD GAME in the YouTube Simulator Series. Create videos, make thumbnails, and run your own channel... will you become the best YouTuber?

💎 Premium benefits:
- Teleporter
- 2X Rubies
- Exclusive house design

🤑Use code "YTZ" when purchasing an E-Win Racing chair to get an EXCLUSIVE in-game chair that DOUBLES your money! 
Check socials below to purchase.



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