Welcome to the Egg Society, the 2013 start up to the present day Egg-Rebellion. Here we make a stand, enjoying the greatest roblox event ever; The Egg Hunt.

Players are encouraged to team up on the known worlds of the Egg Society, here you can adapt yourself to the environment and build up your base, player can kick others for illegal griefing. While you are expected to fight one another, it is best to enjoy searching for Eggs, exploring lost civilizations and building up ones base.

The Egg Society has dispatched a currency known as Yolkies. Yolkies are the monetary value in game, allowing you to purchase weaponary and or player buffs.  (You can use Robux to get Yolkies, or earn Yolkies for free over time!) 

Players start off in the Citadel of Shells, where you are brought to life by the magic forces of the Eggverse, the opposing-universe to the Roverse. 


There are currently no running experiences.