❄️🎄Christmas Event🎄❄️ - Festive Map Reskins, 2 New Additional Maps, Player Limit Increase, Optimization Increase, Etc. Supported Devices - Mobile📱PC 💻 Console 🎮 


Keybinds : They are listed in-game in the options tab within the main menu. 

Embark on an epic journey in our thrilling Roblox game, "Psychis." Immerse yourself in a realm where the powers of Greek gods collide in intense combat. Choose your deity/soul, each endowed with unique abilities inspired by the mighty pantheon of Olympus. Whether you harness the lightning of Enlil, the nimble power of Boreas, or the cunning realm of Poseidon’s Trident also known as the Tides. Engage in strategic battles against fellow players, proving your divine prowess.

Votekick Command : !!votekick [player name] & Unvote Kick Command : !!unvotekick [player name] 

Psychis is in its revamping stage, so please don’t be afraid to let us know about missing content or bugs.


There are currently no running experiences.