This is the genuine Club RAVEN only if it shows published by Oh Yeah Studios below the game title.

Club RAVEN is not meant to work on phones, phone support is only enabled to make sure quests that send you to Raven from other games can be completed by phone players.

Built from the blueprints of a real-world dance club, Club RAVEN is Roblox's newest and most realistic nightclub experience downstairs, and Roblox's most wildly-unrealistic space disco upstairs!

Tip: If your Glow Bands or UI aren't working, make sure your character has no Content Deleted clothing items on, these break the character appearance loading process.

Built by: MalvaB
Scripting & GFX by: EmilyBendsSpace
Time wasted by: T_Bull7

QOTW: "i dont wanot to spend my robux just for VIP in one gmae." - Rick_Fly


There are currently no running experiences.