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- This is a roleplaying game
- This game is connected to a community
- Read the rules prior to joining the action

> About <
Traits of War is ROBLOX's leading modern war role playing game since 2017. In our third carefully handcrafted, unique map, fighting has reached Northen Syria! Fight in the streets, soar the skies or cruise the highways, everything is possible in Tell Tamer!

> Community & Chat <
You are highly encouraged to join our community group and server! Hang out with fellow roleplayers in chat and keep up to date with the community. Invite found below 

> Disclaimer <
This game is set in a fictional WW3 scenario that takes place in 2025.
This game is in no way affiliated with the Syrian Civil War.
We completely distance our group from any real life ideals.

> Credits < 
ablietski, IonCostas, gudfgufdvg, Engrische

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