✨Updated 100 room try beat the game✨
now you don't die when you beat the game
🎉 Changed ProximityPrompts from Default to Custom ❗
🥳Updated wardrobes😱
and much more!✨

Waiting untill original doors update
(Bugs Warning!)

 ✨ New Update🎉 

Shut Down❗ = New Update 

DOORS 👁️ But Bad v1.4
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This game was created by a fan of the and creators of the original game "DOORS" by "LSPLASH" 
🛠️Lead Developer, Creator: KPACABA87 
Developers: aid_YT13

Tags: Door, DOORS, game, but bad, doors but bad, bad, decent, v1.4, evade, rp, roleplay, horror, game, experience, good, DOORS 👁️ , rush, ambush, seek, screch, figure, shadow, timothy, jack, xbox, simulator, tycoon, roleplay, rainbow friends, adventure, obby, rainbow friends, poppy playtime, monster, skibidi, skibidi toilet, cameraman, toilet, tds, tdx


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