Thank you all for waiting for our first big update! We hope you enjoy Project Inazuma and if you do make sure to support our game as much as you can. We won't let you down!

Q/E - Goalie Dives
Q - Dribbling (Directional based on your movement)
M1 or Tap Screen Twice (Mobile) - Kick Ball / Slide Tackle
T - Header
R - Catch / Block
F - Sprint
Controls can be changed inside the game.

Ball Types:
Purple / Danger - Typically known as a shot, can cause damage to a player's endurance
Red / Air - While the balls in the air it is highlighted red, it can only be grabbed with a Block / Catch
White / Ground - A ball shot directly at the ground or falls to the ground

Eternal Blizzard, Fire Tornado, Ghost Lock, God Hand, Sunrise Blitz, Spiral Draw, Mach Wind, God Knows, Drill Smasher, Colosseo Guard, and many more!

We hope you enjoy playing!


There are currently no running experiences.