This is Hello Neighbor if the original concept was carried to the full release. 

F to pick up
CTRL to Crouch
E to open doors
RightClick to drop

Note: The game must be under 90 ping for the AI to behave properly.
Note: Bug fixes are taken serious and if you spot a glitch, please message Universecsky.

The Hello Neighbor open-source "Modkit" made up most of the assets in the game

-Developer:                                 UniverseCsky
-Players Scripts:                          UniverseCsky
-Assistant/Backup Developers:  RedFretFulXavierRBLX
-AI Scripter:                                UniverseCsky
-Main Map Designing:                 UniverseCsky
-Minor Additional Scripting:       Blauzee
-Additional Map Designing:        Mathewgod60, Nether_Strider and RedFretFulXavierRBLX
-Thumbnails:                               MipoStridity and UniverseCsky
-Publisher:                                  UniverseCsky


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