Welcome, camper! ☀️ Sunshine Online is brought to you by Camp Sunshine, a Georgia-based camp for kids with cancer and their families.

Play games 🎯, go fishing 🎣, earn badges and meet new friends 😊. There’s so much to explore and even more fun on the way. 

Come join us!


W - Forward
S - Backward
D - Turn Right
A - Turn Left

Spacebar - Jump

M - Map
B - Badge
Q - Quest

Click - Use Item (cast fishing pole, fire bow)

HeadBloxx - Lead/Back End Scripter
Bitohi2345 - Builder/Designer
Sammmy - Front End Developer
gale - Builder/Designer
Timelens - Programmer/Scripter
LifeDigger - Scripter


There are currently no running experiences.