🧰 Grab your tech toolbox and journey across colorful biomes on an exciting adventure of discovery and knowledge!

🏝 Explore a tropical rainforest jungle river searching  for elusive pink dolphins by drone.
🌊 Dive into the ocean and use sensors to examine a rich and colorful underwater reef ecosystem.
🦁 Observe predators and prey in their natural savannah habitat and use Big Data to identify them.
🏡 Find new ways that  tech can improve the community and learning at school.
🧑‍💻Visit a museum exhibit to meet an early robot and other artifacts.

🐶🐱Snag FREE virtual merchandise and unlock a dozen pets to join you! Learn more about automation and environmental conservation as you journey through 8 separate worlds!

Visit the Computer History Museum website to find out how you can see the museum IRL and learn how you can use real-world technology to solve problems and make the world a better and safer place!! 


There are currently no running experiences.