Grove is a horror experience where you are tasked with surviving the night. If you and your allies meet all the objectives before daybreak, then you live to see the next night. 
However, it will not be easy. Night brings a mysterious creature, who constantly lurks in the woods for human flesh. Make sure to keep alive as many members of your party as you can, to increase your chances of victory. 

⚠️Loud Noises and Flashing Lights⚠️
🔊Turn Volume Up for Sound Cues🔊
❗Graphics 5 or Above for Ideal Gameplay❗

W - Walk/Sprint
C - Crouch
W+C - Slide
E - Interact (X)
F - Flashlight (Rb)
Y - Emote

Music Produced By:

Inspired by Envade and Stop it Slender.


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