🚨 UPDATE LOG 04/06/2023 – Cultist Update
• Edward can now summon cultists who will attack players from vehicles.
• Added 3 new weapons and 2 new railcars.
• Full changelog available at

📜 UPDATE LOG 03/01/2023 – Lore Update
• Added 3 armored war railcars.
• Added a brand new region with 3 new stations to explore.
• Scattered 20 unique lore notes across the Archipelago.

🗺️ Explore the Archipelago: a bleak, desolate stretch of land, while being hunted by a demonic, man-eating train.
🚂 Survive encounters with Edward the Man-Eating Train, a nightmare engine of insatiable appetite.
💰 Visit the Archipelago’s many stations and towns to stock up on new weapons and better railcars.


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