Welcome back to Anime Artifacts 2! 
Current Codes: 1000Likes, Bleach
New code when 10k likes. 

1.1.1 Update log:
-Optimize the entry experience
-The weapon skill effect has been comprehensively adjusted
-Susanoo's unlocking level was reduced from level 5 to level 4

In this game, you can: equip yourself with all kinds of magic weapons,summon powerful Susanoo, and gradually grow into the greatest hero in the animation world.

⚔ Unlock all kinds of magic weapons.
💪Unlock cool abilities.
👺 Summon the powerful Susanoo.
🌍Explore different animation worlds and defeat the ferocious boss, and the boss will not sit idly by.
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦Work with your allies to defeat powerful enemies in World Events.
Plenty of game surprises await for you to discover!


There are currently no running experiences.