🏯 Welcome to Dragon Dynasty Tycoon! Instructions on how to play are listed below:

🥚 Collect dragon eggs and deposit them into the dragon nest to earn gold!

🐲 Purchase an infinite amount of dragons for your tower using gold!

🐉 Merge dragons into even better versions and earn more dragon eggs!

🏃🏽 Complete the obby to earn magic seeds and bonus multipliers!

🥝 Grow fruits and feed them to your own pet dragon for extra bonuses!

🎁 Get FREE AUTO COLLECT by joining the CryoWolf group! Use code DRAGONTOWER for a 5 minute bonus earnings multiplier! NEW CODE AT 250 LIKES!

🏝️ Modeling by TiltedTexan
🖥️ Scripting by UnderEvaluation


There are currently no running experiences.