Welcome to Anime Outfit Ideas 🔥! Find outfits from your favorite anime to dress up as and cosplay! 

🛍️ Dress up as your favorite anime character, vtuber, vocaloid and more from 20 different franchises 
💸 ANY item you purchased will be in your roblox account to wear in other games 
👍 LIKE and FAVORITE the game to let us know your support so we can keep updating the game! 

Request outfits in the group:!/about

🛠️ Builders: AerialsAbove, BlushSoft
📝 Scripters: Baileyeatspizza, Pr0pelled
🛍️ Outfits: sirehns, rinniebutok, shylanoana, JQR0

Tags: anime, genshin impact, demon slayer, naruto, one piece, dragon ball, attack on titan, outfit ideas, outfit shop, hatsune miku, vtuber, vocaloid 


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