🏝️A whole new island has come to Breezy Bay that everyone can explore!
You can now build fences, walls and stairs! 🧱🪜

Have you ever dreamed of escaping to your very own tranquil paradise?
Sitting on the beach with a warm fire 🔥 crafted by your own hand?
Eating soup cooked with delicious ingredients and the 🐟 you caught that day?
And doing all this on an island you made using creativity, imagination and a sturdy pickaxe? ⛏️

🏝️ Breezy Bay 🏝️ is the place to make all these dreams come true!

😇 Escape to paradise.
🏝️ Build & design your own island home.
🌟 Charm magical Spirits.
👜 Collect valuable resources.
💎 Trade treasures with other players.

Come on in...the Water Spirit’s 💧 lovely.

This is an Early Access version of the game, being constantly fixed and improved.

Join our community for updates and sneak peaks.

- Team Talewind 🍃


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