Version: 0.0.575 - Alpha
Currently in development.
How to be worthy: Complete a quest from Josuke. (Resetting stats doesn't change worthy.)
How to become a vampire: Find and use the stone mask.
How to get a stand: Find a arrow and be worthy. (Spawns every 5-20 minutes.) (Required level 5+ to use stands.)
How to get a sub stand: Be level 25+, find a arrow, worthy, and have a stand. (Check if your stand actually has a sub stand to obtain.)
How to get requiem: Be level 250+, worthy and get a golden arrow. (Check if your stand actually has a requiem to obtain.)
How to get hamon: Find Zeppeli, be level 25+, worthy, and mustn't be a vampire.

Supports VR now! (VR support isn't fully finished.)

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